Men, Women, Teens, Kids All Size/All Age Swap, Sherwood, August 17th

Getting ready for back-to-school?  Wanna freshen up your wardrobe?  Looking for free frugal fun with like-minded people?  Want an excuse to clear out all the clothes/accessories that are in great shape but don’t fit, are the wrong color, or you just never seem to wear?  Clean out your closets and bring the whole family!  A Family Swap – Women, Men, Teens and Kids, takes place at Countryside Community Church, 18810 SW Kruger Rd in Sherwood, OR, Saturday August 17th at 10am.

Please only bring clean clothes in good wearable condition.  After the swap,  leftover clothes will be given to local charities. If you’ve never been to a free swap before, here’s What To Expect, and Free Swap Rules.  Invite your friends – spread the word!  Here’s the mapquest directions:

Contact Frances for more information at or (503) 925-0689.


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