Gift and Stuff Swaps in action

Ever wanted to see what a Gift Swap or Stuff Swap looks like in action?  Here’s an example video my daughter, then 16 years old, created to show how a Free Gift Swap works:

Aubrey summerMy daughter Aubrey has been attending free swaps since she was in 6th grade, and has helped/assisted me when I started my own clothing swap.  She is now majoring in Environmental Science at University.  Yeah, I’m pretty proud of her:)  If you’d like to start a swap in your area of town, or your area of interest, here’s how.


2 responses to “Gift and Stuff Swaps in action

  1. shannon dodds

    When and where is this? Thanks. 🙂


    • Free Gift/Stuff Swaps happens twice a year in NE Portland, once in December for a Gift Swap, once in the spring around Earth Day for a Stuff Swap. Sometimes other locations around Portland have free Stuff Swaps as well. Check out the CATEGORIES to the side of the blog, then click on the Stuff Swap and Gift Swap links and you’ll be able to read about past swaps. Future swaps you can read about right here on this blog – subscribe and the details will come to your inbox when they are released, or just check back on this website occasionally to see what’s coming up.

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