Sharing Ideas about swaps and more, July 11th

My husband Chris and I will be talking about and explaining how Free Swaps work.  Another group is talking about places to glean and how to glean in Portland.   You and your friends/family are invited to learn more about how to get involved with starting a swap or learning about gleaning at this Sharing Ideas presentation titled Swap, Glean, Exchange. This free event, sponsored by Community Legacy Program of Our United Villageswill take place on Thursday, July 11th, 6pm-8pm at Friendly House1737 NW 26th Avenue Portland, Oregon 97210Sharing Ideas events take place monthly and feature a variety of local people and organizations, illuminate positive, grassroots efforts of neighbors, volunteer groups and organizations throughout Portland. Presenters will share the inspiration for their project, how they turned their idea into action and how the project engages community.

This Sharing Ideas presentation features two grassroots groups dedicated to sharing resources:

  • Swap Positive is a network that facilitates and promotes neighborhood swaps throughout the metro area, encouraging the reuse of items such as clothing, tools, and “stuff”.  Swap Positive events are free and no money is ever exchanged among participants. All remaining clothes are donated to organizations.
  • Neighborhood Gleaners is a volunteer effort that collects food from farmers markets and redistributes it to low-income seniors.  Currently working with the Hollywood and Woodstock Farmers’ markets, the project gathers several hundred pounds of food each week, providing food for seniors at the Hollywood Senior center and Meals on Wheels.

Come celebrate and discover the many ways in which individuals and groups are making a positive difference in our community.  Make connections; explore possibilities for creating similar projects in your neighborhood.

Please RSVP online  or by phone at 503.546.7499 by Tuesday, July 9th. Free and open to the community! Refreshments will be provided. Child care (9 and under), transportation, and interpretation are provided upon request.

The Community Legacy Program of Our United Villages recognizes and promotes that every person can make a positive difference for the benefit of all.  



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