0-5 swap looking for a co-hostess in SE Portland

The 0-5 clothing swap at the Peoples Food Co-op in SE Portland needs a co-host(s)! Volunteer Shay’s work schedule has changed and she now works on the night of her swap…and if there’s no swap coordinator, there can’t be a swap.  So…if you’re a size XS or Small and would like to keep the 0-5 swap going, please contact Shay and let her know you’ll help.  Contact Shay at smullinspdx@yahoo.com

If you’re interested but not sure what’s expected, here’s what to expect, and our simple free swap rules.  Other then that, it’s showing up before the swap, welcoming the ladies, dry mopping the floor at the end, and bagging up the remainders to be donated (not sure who Shay donates to – you can talk to her about the details specific to the 0-5 venue).  Also it would be great if you could post swap information on the 0-5 facebook page at least a week in advance at http://www.facebook.com/groups/267181703349196/ .   The 0-5 swap is the oldest free swap in Portland  – please consider helping to keep it active:)


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