Women’s Medium Swap, NE Portland, May 11th

All who choose to attend Free Swaps agree to help keep swaps running smoothly – See the Free Swap rules here: https://swappositive.wordpress.com/about/free-swap-rules/

It’s Spring!  Check your closet, drawers and storage, wash clothes and other wearables you no longer love/wear/need (including cleaning up jewelry, purses, shoes, and other accessories) and bring them to the women’s medium size 6-12 clothing swap!  This is a swap for women and teens who wear women’s sizes 6-12 only.   No children please.

What: size 6-12 medium women’s FREE clothing swap

When: Saturday May 11th,2pm. Swaps usually last about an hour. If a few women can start folding up the remainders and putting them into piles around 3pm, that would be appreciated!

Where: Presbyterian Church of Laurelhurst (in the gym) 935 N.E. 33rd Avenue. Portland OR 97232 503-232-9129

Directions: two blocks south of Sandy Blvd on 33rd (the west fork in the road), at Pacific Street, in a modern red brick building. There is a parking lot behind the church. Early arrivers will get a parking lot space, if you’re late you might want to park on the street instead. The gym is across from the playground. There will be signs.

What to bring: Bring only CLEAN and wearable womens and junior/petite equivalent clothes in size 6-12. Also bring any accessories, shoes, purses, etc. Bring bags to take your new clothes home with you (some women bring rolling suitcases).

The reason we ask that all clothes be washed and in good condition (ie no rips/missing zippers etc.) before bringing them is two fold: 1. so people with allergies at the swap aren’t miserable and 2. the remainders are immediately donated, and it would be rude to donate musty or non-wearable clothing to others. Thanks for being the considerate women that you are:)

The idea behind Swap Positive is to offer and get free clothes, forever. We are a free swap, not a swap meet. See the difference here: https://swappositive.wordpress.com/swap-meet-vrs-free-swap/

No money changes hands with these clothes ~ even if you get them home and decide they aren’t quite ‘you’, we ask that you GIVE them away to someone, not sell them. That is the mission of Swap Positive.

1. Wash all items before bringing to the swap. Check the pockets for tissues, gum, and money.

2. We are a clothing swap, not fabric swap, so the bottoms of pant legs or sweaters with a sleeve missing are not usable for us regular people. Also, please no food items. Save the wonderful other household stuff for our December gift swap or April stuff swap…unless you will pack it out when you leave so we don’t need to find a home for it.

3. No cheating! No taking, or hiding, or stuffing things into your sack before we officially start! It only makes it fair for all of us. Please feel free to gently and kindly remind others of our swap rules – they will feel better knowing the rules, and you will feel better knowing you are helping swaps run smoothly for everyone.

4. Wear a swim suit or spandex workout clothes under your street clothes when you swap. Try stuff on before you take it home. See how great you look in a mirror (if you have a full length mirror you could bring, that would be helpful). If it doesn’t fit, throw it back into the pile so someone else can see if it fits them.

5. It’s fun to see people smile as they try on something you brought, or see the encouragement of ‘that looks great on you’ and ‘here are some jeans your size’. You’ll be able to try new fashions you’d never dream to try on in a store, and it’s all because GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN!

6. All remainders will be donated to a non-profit that will give the items away for FREE:)

7. Please do NOT bring: clothes that are larger than women’s size 12, children’s clothes, clothes that are ripped/stained/dirty/smelly/not wearable. Go to https://swappositive.wordpress.com/other-swaps/ to find a children’s clothing swap, large clothing swap, or all-size swap venue. Please take your non 6-12 clothes to an appropriate venue. Thanks for your understanding.

If this is your first swap, Here’s how a Swap works…

Shoes, purses, accessories, and jewelry will be in a separate pile.

All of the clothes will be kept in bags while we wait. Shoes and accessories can go into a separate pile…but no pre-swapping (taking things or scooting them into piles before we start). When everyone is present, the swap coordinator will give the go-ahead and we’ll empty bags of clothing into rows on the floor. After you empty your bags, please step back until everything is out and ready. Things in the middle of the room in rows are free. Items in little piles around the room, against the walls in bags, or on chairs are someones’ stash.

When everything is in rows, the swap coordinator will say, “Go!” And we’ll all start at the same time. That way everyone has the same opportunity to find new clothes.

Take what looks good to you, gather it into your pile, then try them on.  A few full length mirrors are available, but please feel free to bring your own if you have one to share. If the clothes aren’t quite ‘you’, throw them back into the pile for someone else to enjoy.

Please support our mission by enjoying the swap as a place to get free stuff, and if you part with your new-to-you swap items, we ask that YOU do it in a free way too!

If you would like to contact the PCL size medium Free Swap hostess Anna directly, her email is addragazelle@yahoo.com.  If you don’t see a free swap in your size, interest, or neighborhood, how about starting one?  Find out more here.

Thanks for being a part of the FREE swapping community!


2 responses to “Women’s Medium Swap, NE Portland, May 11th

  1. Although I have not personally seen size 12 since the early ’90’s, both my daughters and. 2 teenage granddaughters fit well into the catagory. It’s therefore important for me to share my appreciation. The coordinators of these events work tiressly and sometimes thanklessly all too often to play mediator, babysitter and Garment Police for the select few who seem to be unable to strike a balance between their own self-interest and sustaining such an invaluable program. Having participants who will follow the rules is an integral spoke that supports this amazing program. Volunteers are another. If you plan to attend this swap or similar program, I urge you to just take a moment to express some graditude to those responsibe for making it work so well. Equally important, feel empowered as an avid participant, to boldly, wi thout hesitation, urge those who seem to have lost that perspective to pause, take a few deep breaths, open their eyes to the bigger picture. These swaps are meant to serve all particpants as equitably as possible. Bending the rules serves only to threaten it for everyone. All my best wishes for a spring swap that is successful, satisfying and funfilled for all!

    • Thank you, Empowermenthouse:) I personally have only had to ban a handful of people from my swap due to breaking the rules that make it fun for everyone (ie no selling, no hoarding, be kind, be appreciative, bring things in working condition not junk.) Free Swappers are a unique people: we love to give good things that we no longer need/use/love, and get the thrill of the chase to find new things that we can use and love. Through a lot of hard work, the volunteer swap hostesses have come up with a really good free swap rules list https://swappositive.wordpress.com/about/free-swap-rules/ You’re right – we depend on the swappers who attend to help keep the swaps running smoothly. We volunteers have worked hard to find a venue, post notices, update data bases, print out signs, coordinate everything (we do this on our own without pay) and are doing this for fun… so we need kind swappers to step up and remind the occasional newby or even long term swapper, that if they choose to attend free swaps they also have agreed to abide by the free swap rules. Therefore if they don’t abide by the free swap rules, they are no longer allowed to attend free swaps. Simple. That way we all continue to play and have fun. Oh, here’s a list of frequently asked questions many people find helpful as well https://swappositive.wordpress.com/about/frequently-asked-questions/

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