Volunteer for the Spring Stuff Swap!

Update: Thanks!  We have all the volunteers we need!

This call is for volunteers only – do NOT RSVP for the swap yet.

We’re finalizing plans for the Spring Stuff Swap at the PCL Church, and invite you to be a part of the fun!  Please let me know if you’d like to help with any of the following by emailing your name, and what position you’d like to volunteer for, to urbanfarmerpdx1@yahoo.com.  Since the stuff swaps fill up so fast, All volunteers are assured a space at the swap, so this is your chance to be first in line before the official Spring Stuff Swap RSVP list is released!

1. NEEDED AFTER SWAP:  2 people to help box up remainders after swap on April 13th.  Stephanie and her team of helpers will stay after to help box/bag remainders. They (and you?) will bring sturdy cardboard boxes and bags, which would be helpful for packing up remainders. The team will start boxing/bagging things up at 2:45pm – remainders will be picked up at 3:15pm.  Team leader Stephanie along with Rey, Shay, and Shay’s boyfriend are already on board to help.  We’re looking for 2 additional people to stay after and help box and bag remainders.  You’re making it easy for non-profit, Birch Community Services to easily carry out the remainders to give away to others in our community. This is a good job for treasure hunters because sometimes interesting stuff is unearthed at the very end.

2.  NEEDED BEFORE SWAP: 2 Roving helpers to arrive at 1:15 April 13th to greet and visit, answer questions about swaps as needed, point out where the bathrooms are if asked, help people put out stuff if needed, and basically be there to fill in/help if needed. This is a job for kind helpers who love people and are already familiar with the PCL Church location and how stuff swaps work.  You may spend most of the time before the swap begins smiling and visiting – and if that’s what you usually do before free swaps anyway, why not make it official?

3. NEEDED BEFORE SWAP:  One person to partner with Amy Alice to sign in people at the front door.  You’ll need to arrive by 1:15 April 13th. Amy has done this before and is a fun, kind person to hang with.  Good job for a flexible person who likes people.

Thanks to the following volunteers who’ve already agreed to help:  Amy Alice, Anna, Stephanie, Shay and her boyfriend, Rey, Amber, Toby, and Chris. And thanks to all the kind and thoughtful people who plan to come – Free Swaps wouldn’t happen without YOU!


Barb Hughes, volunteer swap coordinator and Swap Positive Admin


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