Another heartfelt “thanks” for free swaps

Here’s another note of thanks a swapper who attended the December Holiday Gift and Toy Swap gave to swap volunteer Amy Alice:


I had a wonderful time and found many great things.  I wanted to share a little story – while we were waiting in the gym for the swap to start I asked the man next to me what he was looking for.  He said “peace on earth.” I looked around and said “I think we have it.  This is what it looks like – people coming together to help each other and share what they have.”

So you, Amy Alice, have helped make peace and helped answer the classic Christmas prayer.
I feel so blessed to be a part of this group.  We had a few logistical problems of getting the door open that *could* have caused people waiting to become upset, but instead everyone pitched in to help, and the Holiday Gift and Toy swap was a huge success.
Thanks to swap volunteers Amy Alice, Stephanie and her teens Brittany and Jeremiah, Andrea, Emily, Anna, Chris, and Toby who came together to pull off the swap and make it extra special by working the swap, problem solving together, and playing music.  Also huge thanks to swappers such as Amanda and the man she visited with – swappers who helped pull it all together with their positive kindness and giving spirit.  Thanks for passing the peace.
Barb Hughes,
Volunteer swap coordinator and founder/admin for Swap Positive

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