Grateful swapper tells a ‘Swap Positive’ story!

I got the following note today from a grateful swapper who wished to remain anonymous.  It’s stories like this that make my heart sing and my hands happy to serve in our free swap community.  We all are privileged to be in the presence of caring ladies (and teens and men) who bring things in great shape, take what we need, and give back to ourselves and others freely:

Dear fellow swappers,

I want to thank everyone for making the December gift swap such a wonderful experience.  I had fun talking to many of you and it was fun to see people taking stuff I no longer need or want and taking it home to give or put to use.

Of course I was thrilled with the neat stuff I brought home too.  One or more of you brought some lovely fabric that I took home with me.  With this fabric I have made 15 dresses for little girls in an orphanage in Tanzania.  This is a project I started last fall and my goal over the next 5-6 years is to make 300 dresses for little girls around the world. Because of your generosity in sharing this beautiful fabric, these little girls will be wearing new dresses printed with “Love Bugs”, Sunflowers, surfboards and flip-flops, to name only a few.  These little girls live in places where girls and women have little value to society and most likely they have never had a brand new garment of their own.  Giving them a new dress helps to give them dignity and self-worth. The fabric you brought was high quality and made dresses that are modest, sturdy, pretty and fun. Thank you whoever you are, for helping me to do this.

Like Chris said in his opening remarks, we are all philanthropists!

It is a pleasure and a privilege to be a part of this “sharing community.”  I wish each of you a wonderful new year and look forward to seeing you at swaps in the coming months and years.

Sincerely, A grateful swapper


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