Exclusive swap for women 50+! November 20th in Hillsboro

It’s a Swap for women age 50 and up!  Ladies – all shapes and sizes – drop off your gently used clothing, shoes, coats, and blankets any time before noon on Tuesday November 20th at Hillsboro Community Senior Center, 750 SE 8th Ave.    Then, on Tuesday November 20th at 2pm enjoy the all-size women’s clothing swap!    Participation is Free!  Items remaining will be donated to the Sonrise Church clothes closet (a local charity).  Please RSVP to paula.stewart@hillsboro-oregon.gov,  or call 503.615.1090.  When you arrive at the center, please pick up a copy of the party program/rules at the reception desk.

Feel free to forward this to all your friends 50+!  For more information or to be put on the list for future swaps for women 50+, please contact the manager of the Hillsboro Community Senior Center, Paula Stewart at  paula.stewart@hillsboro-oregon.gov, or call her at 503.615.1090


2 responses to “Exclusive swap for women 50+! November 20th in Hillsboro

  1. sharon.bet@frontier.com

    I like the idea of an over 50 swap, but why does this swap have a drop offat one time then a swap 2 hours later. Why are we wasting gas making 2 driving trips to this location? And in my case, I am working during the day, like most women in their 50’sand over these days so I wouldn’t be able to attend anyway.Why is this in the middle of a week day? Thanks for what you do, but I don’t understand the reasoning behind this. Sharon B.


    • Please call or email the swap coordinator to ask her these questions. This is her first swap, so she’s learning what would work best in her community. Your feedback will be invaluable to her – and maybe you can ask her if you can bring it by when you arrive and just set your stuff out yourself? I’m not sure why she’s wanting people to bring stuff in advance…but my gut feeling is maybe she wants time to hang up the items or put them by category on tables so that women don’t have to stoop over to reach things? This swap may be a lot more organized than the typical swap where we just throw things on the floor in rows or in piles. As for the selection of day and time, it may be that was the only time available for the venue. Please contact her and ask – I’m sure she’d appreciate it! paula.stewart@hillsboro-oregon.gov, or call 503.615.1090.

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