floral skirt and black sweater/jacket

I got this floral skirt and black sweater/jacket at a free swap.  Skirt is Younity brand, polyester knit. Sweater/Jacket Cyrus band 78% Rayon, 22% nylon. Long sleeve t-shirt is Caslon brand, 100% cotton, purchased at Nordstrom. Leggins are 92% modal, 8% spandex, purchased at Gazelle Natural Fiber clothing. Boots are Merrill Spire Peak brand, leather, and were purchased at Nordstroms. Necklace is from The Difference.

What I like about this outfit, is it’s very comfortable and it flatters my strawberry figure.


4 responses to “floral skirt and black sweater/jacket

  1. I stopped receiving e-mails which means I forget to check this site and never make it to swaps anymore. I thought you told me there were no more e-mails being sent out… how do I get on the list? I want ALL the e-mails!

    • Hi Alisha. To get all the emails, just push the ‘Sign me up!’ button under the EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION on the home page of the Swap Positive website https://swappositive.wordpress.com/ I’m doing some re-vamping of the site since it’s grown so much. I’ve got the categories clearly displayed on the home page, so people interested in just a particlar size or area (such as kids clothes) can go to just those posts as well.

  2. hi there,

    i love to hear about the swaps, but there’s only a couple that apply to me. i get a lot of email from you, is there any way to change the settings so i don’t get so many emails?

    burning brightly, flying high & walking tall, shireen

    503/ 314-2279

    • Funny you should ask this – just yesterday I updated the home page to include categories links more clearly. You can now go to the home page and click on the category(ies) to see only the swap categories you choose. I’m not sure if you can register for just a category feed, or if the emails setting is for all posts. But it’s an option if you want to just come to the site every week or so and take a look at only the category feeds you’re interested in. Hope this helps:)

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