Women’s All Size Swap includes Costumes and Maternity 10/25/12

For the FREE Women’s All-Size Clothing Swap on October 25th, Thursday at 7:00pm.
Please feel free to bring:
– Halloween costumes/decorations (Costumes: Adults & kids)
– Clothes in good condition in sizes S, M, L & XL for ease
– Accessories
– Maternity Clothes
–  Women only (no kids, no men)
Details –
FREE Women’s All-Size Clothing Swap
NorthEast Community Center (NECC)
1630 NE 38th Ave,
Thursday 10/25/12
Multipurpose Room-B (MPR-B)
Please RSVP to ne_portland@yahoo.com
Facebook group “Swaps and others” – http://www.facebook.com/groups/swapsANDothers/.
To receive notifications through FB and to be added to this group please click on ‘Join group’. Your welcome to post free community events in and around Portland on this group page.
Note: If your getting this mail and would like your name removed from my swap mailing list, please let me know.
Clean out your closet! Gather all the clothes that you don’t wear or want. Include accessories like shoes, hats, belts, purses, jewelry, etc. (but no used make-up or general household items).
1. Bring only clean clothes, in good condition, (good to bag them according to the sizes S, M, L & XL for easy distribution into the respective pile at the swap location).
2. Do NOT take anything before the swap coordinator says “go”.
3. Be kind and courteous to other swappers.
4. Do not sell things you get from the swap.
*By participating in this swap, you agree to follow these rules.*
Please see the below link for the swap rules:
To learn more about a free introductory class and complimentary visitors pass from the NECC, read this.

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