Kids Swap Volunteer(s) Needed!

WANTED:  Kids Swap Hostess for the Tigard quarterly Kids Clothing and Toy Swap, in conjunction with the All Size Women’s Swap at Colossae Church in Tigard.  This Kids’ Swap cannot continue without a swap coordinator.  If you LOVE this swap and have benefited from it in the past, please consider  stepping up to the plate to help. This can be one person or a tag-team.  If interested, please contact Jennifer, out-going Kids’ Swap Coordinator, at

 Responsibilities Before Swap:

1.  Write up swap announcement and send to Swap Positive 1 month before the swap (Jennifer can give you a template)

2.   Barbara and Cindy can answer any questions you might have.

Responsibilities Day Of Swap:

1.  Arrive and post signs about 15-30 minutes before the swap

2.  Find someone to guard the kid swap area while the women’s swap is going on.  Otherwise pre-swappers and rummaging kids will take stuff before the swap officially begins.  Jennifer usually found a volunteer who wasn’t attending the women’s swap for this job, or one of the women from the donation place who was there waiting.  This keeps it fair for everyone.

3.  Welcome swappers, answer questions such as where the bathroom is.

4.  Read welcome announcement and Free Swap guidelines (Jennifer can give you the template.)

5.  Do the countdown of 3* 2* 1 * SWAP!

6.  Ask other swappers to help you bag up remainders to be picked up by same non-profit as picks up remainders for the Women’s All Size Swap (Cindy and Barbara arrange remainder pick-up, and arrange the venue).


1. This is a quarterly event.

2.  If the coordinator(s) want a Kids Swap facebook page, Jennifer can forward you to Nessa Nix who started one and would be willing to shift it over.

3.  Swap Positive will need your contact email and/or phone number to put with your information on the Other Swaps page.

4.  Other info that will help your job run smoother:

Thanks for stepping up to help – Free Kids Clothing and Toy Swaps are a highlight to many women, kids, and families (including  yours)!  If you want to do a Free Kids clothing and Toy swap, but in a different area of town, please check this out for more information.


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