Back to School Swap August 11th

Well it most certainly was a hot day today!! It hit 104` at my house today.

Amber, our Gresham Swap hostess, wanted to say WELCOME and thank you to all the new people who have liked Gresham Swap in the last 2 weeks. We would also like to remind everyone that the School Swap is in 7 days!! I hope everyone  is all ready for the swap. In case you don’t have a copy of the flyer and are needing or wanting to post on a bulletin board you can also email Amber for one at you can also go to her Facebook Event page and invite all your friends with kids to help spread the word!!

♦ Midland County Library ♦

 Saturday August 11, 2012 

♦ 1pm Elementary kids School clothes ♦ 

♦ 2pm School supplies for everyone, backpacks and winter coats ♦ 

♦ 3pm Middle and High School kids clothes ♦

I hope you are all ready, Amber has been going through all 4 of her school-aged kids clothes and have set aside a lot of clothes that they no longer fit into and even made a list of clothes they are still needing(i.e. her 13yr old son now wears size 14 pants and adult small/medium shirts, 14yr old daughter is in size 0 and 1’s and her 9yr old son is wearing size 6 shoes) She’s also gone through all of their school supplies that they stocked up on from last year and have separated what they need for this year, whats extra and what they still need(binders and college ruled paper and notebooks). She’s been watching the sales and stocking up on things to bring to the swap that are for under $.25ea or are absolutely awesome deals. If you are not a friend of the Gresham Swap Facebook page stop by and like it. Every Monday Amber is posting the best weekly deals on school supplies at stores around town.


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