School Supplies and Clothes Swap

Amber from Gresham Swap thought up a great idea to help parents and school kids save some money this year!

Saturday August 11, 2012

Multnomah County Library Midland branch  

805 SE 122nd Ave

1pm elementary kids clothes size 5 through 12/14
2pm school supplies, backpacks and winter coats
3pm middle and high school teen clothes above size 12/14

Bring your kids clothes, shoes and winter coats that no longer fit them from last year and any left over school supplies, last years backpack and even buy and stock up on some really good back to school sales on supplies to bring!
Help every child get new to them clothes for school along with everything they need for school!  For more details or questions please email Amber at

Amber has created a Facebook event page for people to share with their contacts also. She has created a flyer for those that would like to advertise the event on community bulletin boards. Lets help her help the kids and make it happen as only us swappers can! ADVERTISE and spread the word!

All remainders will be donated to Snow-Cap Community Charities, whom always get a large amount of families needing help right before school starts.


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