Women’s/teens Small and Medium swap in Camus July 7th


Fellow Swap Hostess Rey was at the Happy Valley swap last Friday and heard that Dorothy who runs the Camas swap is gone camping all of July and would not have the July swap.  Please contact Dorothy at  clarkcountyclothingswap@gmail.com to double check before you show up at her swap.  Thanks, Rey!

Looking for a sundress for this hot weather?  Want to clear out the sundresses crowding your closet that no longer fit or just aren’t ‘you’?   Clean out your closet of things you no longer need/use/love, wash them up, and bring them to the women’s and teens small and medium swap this coming Saturday July 7th.

The  Women’s and teens size 0-12 clothing swap takes place in Camas WA.  This is a small/medium swap, so please pre-sort your clothes so they can be separated into  piles, 0-5 and 6-12.

To get the location and  further information, please RSVP to Dorothy at  clarkcountyclothingswap@gmail.com


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