New NE PDX Swap Needs Volunteers!

I just talked with Chase Szucs at the NE Community Center in NE Portland. She’s been to Free Swaps and LOVES them! She’s looking for a team of swappers to start/run a monthly stuff swap in the gym at the NE Community Center. She would also like a team of swappers to start/run a monthly women’s medium clothing swap in the upstairs yoga room (hardwood floors, plenty of mirrors) once a month as well!  You can choose to work one or both.

WOW – 2 new swaps you can be a part of!

I told Chase I would ask you wonderful swappers how you’d like to help. She’s looking for:

1. Someone to create and then set up/take down the row markers on the floor each month for the stuff swap. (You can see examples of  categories used here )

2. Someone to make and post/take down a sign that says ‘Free Stuff Swap (or Free Women’s Medium Clothing Swap) (date/time)! and post it on the door to the swap (gym door for stuff swap, Yoga door for women’s medium swap. You might want to cover the door window of the women’s medium swap with the sign to give additional privacy during the swap.)

3. Someone to welcome people, give swap rules, and say ‘go’ to start the swap. The following is a simple swap rules suggestion from Courtney, a medium swapper, for a free clothing swap (for a stuff swap you’d replace ‘stuff’ with clothes and leave off ‘in the correct sizes’):
a. Bring only clean clothes, in good condition, in the correct sizes.
b. Do NOT take anything before the swap coordinator says “go”.
c. Be kind and generous to other swappers, sharing with folks who have fewer items.
d. Do not sell things you get from the swap.
*By participating in this swap, you agree to follow these rules.*
For more information, see

4. Someone(s) to bag up remainders and make sure they get to an organization who will give them away for free, not sell them (examples you can contact in advance to make arrangements include the PTA clothing closet, Fish Community Services, church clothing closets, women’s shelters, your friends/neighbors, or putting a table out in front of your own neighborhood would all be creative possibilities).

5. Someone to make a swap rules sign to post during the swap (see above #3 for simple Swap Rules sign example). Also someone to work with Chase on writing up information about the swap for the NE Community Center website (and to send to Swap Positive so we can post it, too.) What many swap volunteers do is grab the wording from other swaps and modify it for their swaps. You’d work with Chase to include such facts as “the NE Community center has many bus routes (name them), and is near the Hollywood MAX station as well.” Here’s an example of copy for a stuff swap that you can borrow from and modify.

If you’d like to make these new swaps a REALITY, please contact Chase Szucs at the NE Community Center in NE Portland directly and let her know which job above you’ll help with! Her email is

The NE Community Center is at 1630 NE 38th Ave Portland, OR 97232 (503) 284-3377. They’ve got a gym, pool, cardio rooms, weight room, babysitting, classes for all ages, kids summer camps, yoga, basketball, art displays, art classes, and more. Here’s their website:

2 responses to “New NE PDX Swap Needs Volunteers!

  1. Where is the NE community center?

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