Tualatin Swappers Save the Day!

Hi, this is Jennifer from the Tigard Kid’s Clothing Swap.  I wanted to share a story about the generous and kind nature of free community swaps.  Thursday night I hosted Diana’s all size women’s clothing swap in Tualatin – we had a blast by the way, tons of clothes from a recent closet cleanout, leftovers from a naked lady party, and more…  When the time came for the charity to arrive and collect the day’s remains … no one came.  It happens sometimes but slowly I realized I was being left with piles of great clothing and no one to give them to.  I was also facing the reality that I was going to have to load them all out, store them, and then find a place to donate to that keeps it free.  There were a few ladies left trying on clothes and another kind swapper named Janice who was helping to bag clothes and I was starting to feel really desperate and stressed when Emily, also bagging up, said her mother works at a food bank and they could surely use them and she’d be glad to take them.  So together we packed up and stuffed all of it into Emily’s little eco car and she took it all away to give to local families in need. As we loaded, Candice, another volunteer from the Tualatin Heritage Center, picked up the scraps, straightened the room, and opened the blinds for me.  On the drive home my mom and I talked about how blessed we are and how good it feels when people come together and help each other.  So to all you ladies who helped that night (those of you I named and those of you that I didn’t get your name) a big shout out: Thank You! Thank You! for keeping the spirit of swapping alive.  Thanks to you ladies who saved the day with your help and kindness.

If you know of any charity organizations who are willing to pick up after swaps and give items for free to people in need, please let us know by commenting with the organization name and contact email, many thanks!!


3 responses to “Tualatin Swappers Save the Day!

  1. Swapper Angela says “I regularly deliver food boxes to various places who also have clothes closets…and they are always in need of more clothes. I have plenty of room in my vehicle to take leftovers and deliver them to the needy. Sunshine Food Pantry in Beaverton is one I go to weekly.” Contact Angela at eclectic_energy – at- yahoo.com.

  2. Amy Alice told me that the volunteer Coordinator for Raphael House would love to get the remainders from free swaps. Contact Amanda Grubner at 503-222-6507 ext 315. Remainders freely go to women and children in our community.

  3. Jackee from the PTA Clothing closet is a good choice to pick up remainders. She and/or her family picks them up and takes them to the Portland PTA clothing closet to be distributed free to kids and teens in our community. Contact Jackee at jackeeduvall – at – hotmail.com.

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