Last call housecleaning for tomorrows Spring Stuff Swap

We’re doing some last minute cleaning at our house and I found a sack of books, a TV converter box, and several brand new low-flow faucets. My husband found a computer flat screen, some cords, and an appliance leveling kit.  Our son found a ruler, small washable stuffed animals, some hand held games and more.  I’ve also found some oddities:  a small container of Great Salt Lake Lake Salt Crystals that were a souvenir from Silver Sands Beach from the early 1970’s, and a three eyed green bendy toy.  Basically, we’re having a blast clearing out things we aren’t using anymore.  Can’t wait to have a less cluttered house, and know that tomorrow some chemistry buff  will be over-the-moon for ‘antique salt’ in the form of a 1970’s Great Lake Salt souvenir:)

Since we’ve got 190 people on the RSVP list, only those currently on the list can be admitted to the swap due to capacity.  If you KNOW you can’t come tomorrow, please let me know so I can pass your spot along to someone on the waiting list.  If you missed getting into this swap, clean your house anyway and set aside your un-wanted goodies  for the December Holiday Gift and Toy swap.  If you’d like to see more stuff swaps available, start a swap –  here’s how.


3 responses to “Last call housecleaning for tomorrows Spring Stuff Swap

  1. Had a fun time at the swap today! Found a colorful blanket to use at the spring sports games I will be going to, a beautiful Christmas table cloth, a small pocket knife for my son who had forgotten and had his at the airport and had it taken. A wind up alarm clock, neat chop sticks, a recorder, beautiful Christmas thank you cards, and some little toys I can use for Samaratan purse/Christmas boxes, etc. It was fun and the people there were nice. . . .and it was all free!! It also got me to clean out my house of treasures that are not used anymore to share..It was fun to see them taken by others.Thank you so much for hosting this! (It was my first stuff swap).

  2. deborah hereford

    wow wow so much fun with mr wrestler man toy that i found at swappositive 4/13/2012 stuffswap…. lots of new fab-o garden art and that lamp and those books betty crocker at her finest and boy scouts merit badge books and the hanging baskets and emily dickenson; we left our old loved stuff that other delighted in finding and bringing home and that was groovey……ahhh loved it….so much good stuff books for rebeccas class and the kids. thanks for organizing and setting this whole thing up as this was our first time it was good good good stuff and you made us all so happy! Good good vibes in the room.

  3. Oh, and I’ve got a large pizza pan I’m bringing to the swap:)

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