Start gathering Your Stuff for the SPRING STUFF SWAP!

It’s time to prepare for the yearly April SPRING STUFF SWAP!  Start scouring your house, storage, and garage to find those items in good shape that you just aren’t using anymore.  Clean them up, make sure all the parts are there, and start stock-piling your goodies to bring to the Swap!

Since the venue is carpeted, clean your stuff well so there’s no spider webs, grease, mud, etc.  And only bring stuff people would want – we’re volunteers and don’t have the money to pay for a dumpster to haul off junk (and we don’t have a way to clean the carpeted floor either).  Thanks for your thoughtfulness keeping the venue clean and volunteers happy so we keep doing these outrageously fun free swaps – open to kind women of all sizes  – and their KIND men and teen friends (no children or babies due to safety hazards, limited bathroom facilities, and audio issues).  Since we are expecting over 100 people, this will be an RSVP only event, so stay tuned for details on how you can reserve your space:)

Here’s examples of what to bring:

1. TOYS AND GAMES: Outgrown but still in great shape new and lightly used dolls, stuffed animals, gag gifts, toys, games (including board games, puzzles, etc.) with all the pieces still intact.

2. BOOKS, CD’S, DVD’S, MOVIES: Books in good condition, music on CD, DVD and video movies that are still in great working order. Computer games can go in the techie area.

3. CRAFTS, FABRIC, ACCESSORIES: Scrap-booking, beading, knitting, sewing patterns and clean fabric, the gift towels that were the wrong color for your décor, clothing accessories that are one-size-fits-most such as scarves and hats. Since we are inviting ALL the swap groups, please save your sized clothing (tops, bottoms, shoes, coats etc) for another clothing swap  – or we won’t have room for anything else!  This is a stuff swap, not a traditional clothing swap:)

4. HOUSEHOLD AND HOLIDAY: dishes, potholders, coasters, fondue set, non-expired and non-opened food items, blender, table lamps, Seasonal decorations, other household items.

5. TOOLS, TECHNOLOGY, GARDEN, PETS: Clean ratchet set, clean sports equipment, clean bicycles/tricycles in working shape (no flat tires etc), computers, cameras, gaming systems, computer games, clean garden pots and tools, viable seeds, clean pet dishes and toys.

6. BREAKABLES AND COLLECTIBLES: jewelry, antiques, fancy glassware, collectibles, candy dishes, perfume used once, lotion used once (ie still looks new – isn’t half full and doesn’t have gunk running down the side of the bottle).

Bring any usable clean working item above that is small enough to fit in the backseat of a car, and isn’t a hazardous product (ie flameable, toxic, etc.).  Since we’re inviting women from ALL of our swaps, please save the sized clothes for your regular clothing swap or we won’t have any room for the great stuff ! (You can bring one-size-fits-most items like hats, scarves, and jewelry, but don’t bring pants, coats, dresses shoes or other items that would be best at a clothing swap.)

Think of this as a free upscale garage sale where everyone brings what they don’t need/want/use, and goes home with things they CAN use!  Plus, all remainders will be donated to Jackee from the PTA clothing closet who will they’ll give them FREE to local families!

What a great excuse to combine spring cleaning, thrift, fun, and philanthropy!

Stay Tuned – I’ll post all the details  – including how to reserve your space – in about a week:)


2 responses to “Start gathering Your Stuff for the SPRING STUFF SWAP!

  1. this is great! I am in central oregon and would love to start one here.. suggestions?

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