How did Free Swaps come about?

Free Swaps were started by volunteers so people could get together and swap clean and usable items – keeping them out of landfills –  and giving thrifty kind people a place to play and be very happy:)  Free Swaps were founded on the premise of no money changing hands at any point in the items transaction – a totally NEW concept for most of us!

Key tenents of free swaps are:     1. don’t take anything before the swap coordinator says ‘go’ so we all get equal chance at the good stuff      2. be kind, courteous, and generous with each other  3.  bring only clean and in good condition items to swap, and  4.  don’t sell anything you get at a free swap.

Key things to bring to free swaps:   each swap states it’s size range and/or purpose.  Only bring clothes/items in that size range or purpose so that the goal of that swap is met.  Example:  if you are a size 4 and go to the 0-5 swap, it doesn’t help the group  if you bring a size 12.   If you have size 12’s to give, but you are looking for size 4’s, please have your first swap be an all-size swap so you can give/receive and make other people as well as yourself very happy!

Take a look at our Other Swaps page to find a swap in your size, interest, or location.  If you don’t see a swap that fits your needs, start one!


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