Family swap (women, men, teens, children) Saturday March 3rd

Because of how well attended the last Gresham Family swap was, Amber the Gresham volunteer swap hostess has broken down the sizes into time slots. That way people for only a certain size won’t have to hang around the whole time, and it will make the room more manageable. Please email Amber to reserve your space at: 

Here’s all the details – invite your friends and their families!

Gresham Family Swap (Women, Men, Teens, Kids) March 3, at   651 SE 197th Ave Portland, OR 97233.  If you are attending more than one swap leave your clothing for other swaps in the car and take out your finds after your swap is completed.
Parking is on the street only.
Space is limited so if you are able to leave your children at home please do so.  If the weather is nice their is a playground near so the older children may play outside while you shop, although someone will need to be out there to supervise. 

We’ll start with the CHILDREN’S CLOTHING SWAPS.  Please arrive 10 minutes before the swaps you wish to attend. No swap will start sooner than the times listed.

11am ~ Infant (newborn, 0-3m, 3-6m, 6-9m, and 9m)

11:20am ~ Toddler (12m, 18m, 24m, and 2T)

11:40am ~ Preschool (3T, 4, 5 and 6)

12pm ~ children’s accessories (toys, stuffed animals & baby furniture)

12:15pm ~ school (7, 8, 10, and 12)

12:30pm ~ Teen (14, 16, 18 and juniors clothing all sizes)

ADULT CLOTHING SWAPS.  Please arrive 10 minutes before the swaps you wish to attend. No swap will start sooner than the times listed.

1pm ~ Maternity clothing all sizes and pre-natal accessories

1:20pm ~ Small/Petites (size 00, 0, 1/2, 3/4)

1:50pm ~ Men’s clothing all sizes and men’s accessories

2pm ~ Medium/Large (size 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14)

2:30pm ~ Big and Beautiful (15/16 on up and plus sizes)

What we are: We are Gresham Swap, a free clothing and accessory swap for everyone!

How it works: Bring your clean unwanted clothes and accessories (shoes, belts, jewelry, and hats est.) to the swap at the designated time. Clothes will be separated into piles by size (as sectioned above) and when it starts you can find what you like.

That simple!

Our mission: The idea behind Gresham Swap is to offer and get free clothes, forever.

No money changes hands with these clothes ~ even if you get them home and decide they aren’t quite `you’, we ask that you GIVE them away to someone.

There is no pre-swapping or reselling of the clothes you get at this swap.

To reserve your space you need to RSVP Amber: 

Email to be added to our contact list for future swaps

You may also find us and like us on Facebook!


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