Kids Clothes and All-size Women’s clothes swap in Tigard Monday February 20th

Here’s a chance to get all your various sized girl pals out for a night out of fun.  Monday, February 20th, come swap All Sizes of Women’s and Kids Clothes and more in Tigard!    Here’s Volunteer Swap Hostess Jennifer to tell you all about it: 

Bring women’s and children’s clothing plus small toys to swap.  Also bring clean and usable men’s clothing, bedding or fabric that you would like to donate.  NOTE – often the organizations we give to don’t have the resources to launder/clean the quantity of items that we share forward. 

The extra clothes and toys from this swap will be donated to the following organizations;

KIDS  <8  & TOYS –

All toys and clothes nb-4t will continue to go to Northwest Children outreach, a faith-based, non-profit organization dedicated to helping families in the Portland area and surrounding communities.  They provide clothing, infant care products, and many other necessities parents need for their children.  NCO does not discriminate against any child regardless of religious, political, or other affiliations. 

4t-7 will go to 3 different orphanages in Addis Abba in Ethiopia. One is a HIV/AIDs orphanage while the other 2 are state run orphanages.


Among the organizations that we support is a domestic abuse shelter in McMinnville that serves women and children escaping abusive situations.  This shelter covers the coastal area; Astoria to as far south as Eugene, and Lincoln City to Newberg.  They have great need of clothing of all sizes from birth on up and all women’s sizes.  For boys, they serve up to age 12 years; 13+ have to go to a juvenile center that serves teen boys.  The boys also need clothing.  There is also a group of women who sew clothing for the women to use for interviews, so fabric is always welcome.


When we accept clean donations of gently used men’s clothing, it is given to the Transition Projects.This worthwhile organization works to break the cycle of homelessness and support to parolees and others by providing support for jobs, basic hygiene, meals, shelter and clothing. All items are gratefully received and directly given to those in true need. This time of year, all warm clothing and bedding is desperately needed, as well as interview-appropriate clothing and shoes.


LOCATION: Colossae Church, 12176 SW Garden Place, (by 217/99/Hall), Tigard.   NOTE: This swap location is only partially child proofed, please leave strollers at home, carry babies in a sling, and bring someone to supervise little ones while you swap.


There will be an all size women’s clothing swap right before the kid’s swap from 7:00pm to 7:15pm – please come at 6:45pm if you’d like to swap some of your own clothes.  Otherwise, plan on arriving at 7:10pm for the children’s swap, all children’s sizes start at 7:20 – please separate your clothing ahead of time.


Maternity– all size, New baby – preemie-12mo, Older baby – 18mo-24mo, Toddler– 2T-4T, Children – 5-7, Girls & Boy’s – 8-14+,

SMALL Toys only and Accessories – lightly used and clean including socks, shoes, boots, hats, scarves, mittens, sunglasses, books, tapes, CD’s, videos, DVDs.

How the swap works: Clothing will be separated into size groups on the floor and marked with signs.  When you arrive place your clothes in matching size piles and wait around the outer perimeter of the room so that other swappers can place their clothing – it is important and fair to others that the swap starts at the same time for everyone and that there is no “pre-swapping.”   At about 7:20pm the swap host will let you know that the swap is about to begin.  At that time you will be instructed to stand in front of the clothing piles with sizes you are looking for.  When the swap host starts the swap, sort through the piles of clothing to find the items you need and put them in your bag – please remember to be generous and courteous as you are swapping clothes with your neighbors. While you swap keep track of your newly acquired items and hang on to personal belongings, if you let them out of your site they may be swapped!
What to Bring: Freshly washed, non-stained, and tatter-free clothing in good repair and usable condition. There are no minimum requirements for how many items you have to bring or how many you can take but please be considerate and kind. Items that do not get swapped will be donated to low income and high needs families in our community.

If you have any questions about the swap or are not on our email list and would like to receive email notification of future clothing swaps send us an email with the size and gender of clothing you will bring and the size and gender of clothing you need (we will not spam or sell your name to anyone.)  The only “membership” rule is that you be respectful and have fun! Please bring only clothing and small accessories to this swap.

NEXT SWAP: Our next swap in Tigard will be in the spring.  To volunteer for a swap send an email and let us know or visit with your swap host after a swap.  A little help goes a long way – we will not ask for too much of your time.  If you are planning a kid clothing or toy swap or if you know of one let us know and we’ll pass it on to the e-list.

MORE SWAPS: Love to swap?  There are other swaps near you.  Go to to get contact information for other monthly clothing swaps and stuff swaps – all free.   If you are interested in having your own clothing swap and would like tips and information, speak to your swap host after the swap.

PASS IT ON: If you know someone who would be interested in attending a clothing swap please feel free to pass this email along.

To get on the Childrens Clothing and Toy swap list, please contact Jennifer: .

To get on the All Size Women’s clothing swap Tigard list, please contact Cindy:


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