Women and teens All Size Swap Tigard Monday 1/16/12

Volunteer swap hostesses Cindy Lou and Barbara look forward to seeing you Monday evening for the all-size women’s clothing swap. You can turn in your outgrown clothes in one size, and shop in your new size. You can bring all your (multi-sized) girlfriends for an evening of free frugal fun.

The FREE All size women’s/teens clothing swap is Monday January 16th at 7pm (Always the 3rd Monday of every month) at Colossae Church, located in Park 217, you’ll see a blue sign outfront that say’s “Colossae”. Address is 12176 SW Garden Pl, Tigard, OR 97223.
Please email tigardpetiteswap@yahoo.com if you need further directions.

What to bring: Bring only CLEAN womens clothing – thanks for washing up everything you bring:). Also bring any accessories, shoes, purses, and other wearable items. Bring bags to take your new clothes home with you.

The idea behind Free Swaps is to offer and get free clothes, forever. No money changes hands with these clothes ~ even if you get them home and decide they aren’t quite `you’, we ask that you GIVE them away to someone. Leftovers from the swap will be donated to a local charity. We’ll also be taking men’s clothes this month if you have any to donate.

1. Wash all items before bringing to the swap. Check the pockets for tissues, gum, and money.
2. We are a clothing swap, not fabric swap, so the bottoms of pant legs or sweaters with a sleeve missing are not usable for us regular people. Also, please no household items.
3. People who’ve been to swaps before know this, but thought I’d bring it up for newbies…No cheating! No taking, or hiding, or stuffing things into your sack before we officially start! It only makes it fair for all of us. And NO HOARDING once the swap begins, let’s be fair to everyone who is there.
4. Wear a swim suit or spandex workout clothes under your street clothes when you swap. Try stuff on before you take it home. See how great you look in a mirror (we’ll have at least 3 available for you). If it doesn’t fit, throw it back into the pile so someone else can see if it fits them.
5. It’s fun to see people smile as they try on something you brought, or see the encouragement of ‘that looks great on you’ and ‘here are some jeans your size’. You’ll be able to try new fashions you’d never dream to try on in a store
6. All remainders will be donated to a non-profit that will give the items away for FREE:)
7. Please do NOT bring: children’s clothes, or clothes that are stained/dirty/smelly/not wearable. If you are participating in the kids swap, then bring your children’s clothes and that swap will take place in a separate area after the women’s swap.
Go to swappositive.wordpress.com to find details on the children’s clothing swap , different size swap, or other swap venues taking place.

If this is your first swap, Here’s how a Swap works…
Shoes, purses, accessories, and jewelry will be in a separate pile.

All of the clothes will be kept in bags while we wait. Shoes and accessories can go into a separate pile…but no pre-swapping please. When everyone is present, the swap coordinator will give the go-ahead and we’ll empty bags into piles on the floor. After you empty your bags, please step back until everything is out and ready. Things in the middle of the room in rows are free. Items in little piles around the room, against the walls in bags, or on chairs are someones’ stash.

When everything is in piles, the swap coordinator will say, “Go!” And we’ll all start at the same time. That way everyone has the same opportunity to find new clothes.

Take what looks good to you, gather it into your pile, then try them on. Mirrors are available. If they aren’t quite `you’, throw them back into the pile for someone else to enjoy.

Please support our mission by enjoying the swap as a place to get free stuff, and if you part with your new-to-you swap items, we ask that YOU do it in a free way too!

For further information, go to the swap website, swappositive.wordpress.com. Also check out or join the Westside Swaps Yahoo! Groups Links at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PDXSwapWestside/

Please bring friends and spread the word; the more the merrier and more clothes to swap! Email Swap coordinator Barbara and/or Cindy Lou for further information on the Westside/Tigard swap at tigardpetiteswap@yahoo.com


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