Amber’s Family Swap a Huge Success!

Update from Amber, the Gresham Family Swap hostess:

I would like to send out my thanks to everyone that came to my swap yesterday. You all made this event wonderful and very rewarding to everyone involved, especially me! It was such a compete 180 from my first swap in November. I was shocked by how many of you came and was thinking the whole time do I need to get a bigger spot already or should I just separate my swaps on different days for different sizes (I don’t think I will do that yet).

Future notice that our next Gresham Family swap will be the first Saturday in March(3rd), so mark your calenders now. In the middle of February I will send out a time schedule.

If everyone could go to the Facebook page and share your swap stories from yesterday and any pictures of finds it would be great to see what we all did.

Also for those that were there at 1pm you might have noticed a gentleman taking photos, he was from the Oregonian and they are doing a story on free swaps, I’ll let everyone know when the story is going to be in the paper, and who knows maybe you will see a picture of yourself.

Feel free to create your own flyer’s with our email address and Facebook info to post all over the city, tell your friends or even strangers.

Again THANK YOU it was great to see so many happy people. My mom teared up a little when she saw so many people happily take her clothes home. It made her feel good to see where they went. It was a good experience for her and her first swap, and she is now very proud of me for doing this(she wondered what I got out of hosting, now she knows)

Amber Meyer, Volunteer Gresham Family Swap Hostess


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