Gresham All-Size Clothing Swap! (kids and men, too) January 7th

Fun and Frugality for the whole family! Check out the Gresham Family Swap (mens, women’s childrens) on January 7, 2012. (see end of this note about how to get on the list)

Children’s Clothing Swap: 1pm
Sizes newborn thru 18yrs and children’s accessories including toys, stuffed animals and baby furniture
Women’s Clothing Swap: 2pm
Sizes 00 thru plus size and accessories.
There will be an area for men’s clothes and maternity clothes as well.

When: Saturday January 7th
Location: 651 SE 197th Ave Portland, OR 97233
To RSVP: Amber Meyer

The Gresham Swap is a free clothing and accessory swap!
How it works: Bring your clean unwanted clothes and accessories (shoes, belts, jewelry, hats etc.) to the swap at the designated time. Clothes will be separated into piles by size and when it starts you can find what you like.

Our mission: The idea behind Gresham Swap is to offer and get free clothes, forever. No money changes hands with these clothes ~ even if you get them home and decide they aren’t quite `you’, we ask that you GIVE them away to someone. There is no pre-swapping or reselling of the clothes you get at this swap.

Please rsvp volunteer Swap Coordinator Amber to let her know you’re coming, and the sizes you’ll be swapping:


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