Women’s size 10-14 swap Sunday December 18th

Women and teens who wear clothes sizes 10-14 – this is the perfect swap for you! Feel free to bring your pals! and please e-mail volunteer swap coordinator Amy Alice at amyalice58@gmail.com for more information and to let her know you are coming.

WHEN: Sunday, December 18th, at 11:00 AM

WHERE: Jazzercise Fitness Center, East Burnside at 18th

WHAT to bring: CLEAN clothes, in good condition, (no hangers needed), accessories, shoes, purses, jewelry, belts, gloves, mufflers, scarves ~ basically…any wearables. Wash them up and bring them along to add to the swap.

No money changes hands with these items ~ even if you get them home and decide they aren’t quite “you”, we ask that you GIVE them away to someone ~ or bring them to the next swap! That is the mission of free swaps.

Should you bring your children?

NO…because this is a facility with exercise equipment and computers in it, and it is not MY (Amy Alice’s) facility (it is a Jazzercise Fitness Center that Rich, the owner, has graciously allowed us to use), please do NOT bring your young children…unless you also bring a babysitter with you, or unless they are old enough to manage on their own. Young adults are more than welcome!

For more information, and to reserve your spot, please RSVP Amy Alice at amyalice58@gmail.com


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