Unstuff the Holidays

Here’s a great article about cleaning out for the holidays!
I for one love the idea of being able to find the right cookie sheet, or the sweater I love, without having to wade through a lot of junk. Unstuffing my home of things I don’t want-use-or-need actually has made me a happier person. And when I can see and find the things I DO love-use-and-need, it makes me very happy because it saves me time and frustration.

By the time you read this, you may have already visited the Tigard Toy, Gift, and All-Size Clothing swap. But there’s still the NE Portland Gift and Toy swap on December 10th, and the Mississippi Pizza Childrens Toy Book and clothing swap on December 11th (contact Renee at re-use-o-rama@hotmail.com for details) where you can enjoy swapping ‘stuff’ this holiday season. And of course there are several clothing swaps going on this month in a variety of sizes as well.

We owe a big THANK YOU to all the volunteer swap hostesses who donate their time to create and run these free swaps. We don’t get paid. We don’t take tax write-offs. No one makes a monitary profit from free swaps. All time and materials are given free by these Host/volunteers as well as the many volunteers who stay after to help clean up and others who bring extra bags for the remainders. These volunteer women (and hopefully someday men) host free swaps because they enjoy recycling, having fun, and creating an atmosphere for YOU to recycle and have fun. Please show your thanks by following their swap rules of fair play and kindness, bringing clean and in good condition items, giving away things you realize you don’t need from swaps (not selling them), and coming to swaps prepared to be Santa (not Scrooge:)

Enjoy the free swaps of your choice. And practice being grateful and thankful for the chance to clear out the clutter in your life – both material and mental. The world is changing. Let’s be the change we want to see.


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