First ever Gift and Toy Swap on the Westside in Tigard 12/3/11

I’m just tickled pink that free swaps are taking off! Thank you to the volunteer hosts(esses) that are making this all happen.

Cindy, who started out coming to the medium swaps in NE Portland, started her own clothing swaps out where she lives in Tigard. She teamed up with Barbara, and the two of them have expanded their swapping to all size swaps. This December, they will be hosting their first ever clothing swap COMBINED with a Holiday Gift and Toy Swap!

Here is the message I just got from Cindy:

Hi Everyone – this is a message from your West Side Hostesses! If you could help get the word out to your groups, we’d appreciate it!

Rather than have our usual 3rd Monday of the month West Side/Tigard clothing swaps in Nov. & Dec., we will instead be having our first west side gift/clothing swap! They have been doing it for a few years on the east side with great success so we thought we’d give it a try. It’s really a lot of fun and with the tough economy, we felt there was a need for it as well with holidays/gift giving approaching. ***Please do not show up next Monday, 11/21 or Monday, 12/19 as there will be NO women’s clothing swap those nights.***

Mark the date on your calendar: Saturday, Dec. 3rd at 2:00, Colassae Church, 12176 SW Garden Place, in Tigard. This is just down the hill off Hall Blvd (by Russ Chevrolet) – some of you may know this area as Park 217.

We would appreciate an RSVP to: with the number of guests expected in the subject line.

Now – we cannot improve on a great thing, so to give kudos to Barb who hosts the East Side Toy and Gift Swap – we are going to unabashedly plagiarize!!! Imitation is the highest and sincerest form of flattery – so if you have been to the East Side December event, you know how this works. If you haven’t – please read on so you know what to expect!

Kind men and teens are invited, and please, no toddlers or people who are wild and might hurt themselves by tripping over power tools or flinging themselves at glass candlesticks. Since we’re inviting ALL of the clothing swap groups, it’s important to understand upfront what’s going to happen so it’s not complete chaos. Plus, if you bring guests, you need to make sure they agree to and abide by the following swap rules:

1. Bring anything that is in clean working order that would be considered ‘gift-able’ and would fit in the trunk or backseat of a car. This includes toys still in the box or that have been washed that are in great working shape, lotions and perfumes that are new or that you’re tried once and didn’t like, hat and mitten sets, CLEAN tools, crystal bowls, pet stuff, antiques, stocking stuffers, holiday decor – basically anything that is giftable, clean and in great shape, and small enough to fit into the back of a car. Please do NOT bring anything that is broken, dirty, or junky. We are all volunteers and don’t have the money to pay to dispose of junk. Save garage-sale-type of items for the Spring Stuff Swap:) All the remainders after the swap will be donated to organizations that will give them away for free. We have several organizations we support with donations year-round; a domestic abuse shelter for women and children, NW Children’s Outreach and The Caring Closet.

2. Between 1:35 and 1:55 bring in your stuff and line it up with like-minded stuff in rows. NO pre-shopping! Put your stuff down and then go to the perimeter so new people coming in have room to put their stuff down. Next to the entry door will be kids toys, on the far end will be breakables, in-between will be stuff like books/music, kitchen/home/holiday, misc odd stuff, and WARM clothes and coats (this would be a place to bring dressy holiday things for men, women & children- but save the everyday clothes for a regular clothes swap so we’ve got more room for giftables). Leave a walkway down the middle so it’s easier to move around. We will help out with getting the aisles started for being organized.

3. Do NOT take anything, hoard stuff, or in any way pre-shop. To make it fun and fair for everyone, we all need to wait until the swap leader says go, and then all start at the same time. Since there could possibly be a LOT of people, we are counting on all of you be on the honor system and to remind anyone (such as men and teens who’ve never been to a swap?) that they need to hold their waiting-for-Christmas-to-arrive-excitement… and not be holding on to the cool stuff before the gift swap starts 🙂

4. When the swap coordinator says ‘go’ shortly after 2pm, then you can shop! Bring a bag(s) or box(es) to take what you’d like home. Please be courteous and generous. Stuff in the middle in rows is free, boxes/bags of stuff around the walls is somebody’s stash. This is a great way to clear out your house AND get your Holiday shopping done for free at the same time:)

5. The purpose of pdxswap is free stuff, forever. So if you get it for free, and then decide later that you don’t want it, please give it away for free. Keep the holiday cheer, kindness, and fun flowing:). And the next week, the East Side Swappers will be holding their annual toy and gift swap!

6. Thanks for being a part of the very first West Side FREE Holiday Toy & Gift Swap! RSVP to: with the number of guests expected in the subject line.


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