0-5 clothing swap Friday November 18th

The 0-5 Clothing Swap is Friday, November 18th at 7:00pm.

*Please rsvp to swap hostess Jennifer at jenmatsumura@gmail.com *

Here are the details!

Women’s Size 0-5 Clothing Swap
People’s Food Coop
3029 SE 21st AVENUE
Friday 11/18/11
Upstairs Community Room

Clean out your closet! Gather all the clothes that you don’t wear or want. Include accessories like shoes, hats, belts, purses, jewelry, etc, but put them in a separate bag (we have a sep. pile for these so they don’t hit someone in the head during the swap). WASH ALL ITEMS before you bring them, as some people have allergies; we want all the clothes to be clean so everyone can enjoy the swap.

General Swap Info:

1.) You may wish to wear spandex or work out clothes underneath your regular ones so you can try stuff on without exposing yourself completely. Children are always welcome at the swap, so we want everyone to feel comfortable.

2.) Because it creates work for me and others to donate the left over clothing, PLEASE ONLY BRING STUFF THAT SOMEONE WOULD WANT. If the sweater has shrunk terribly in the dryer, no one else will want it either. If it has a stain or a rip, we don’t have seamstresses right now to mend it, so please don’t bring it. If it is old and has seen most of its life, please don’t bring it. Thanks for your understanding and assistance with this one.

3.) NO MOLDY OR MILDEWY CLOTHING. Often, if clothes have sat in a drawer for just a little while, they get musty… it’s Oregon! Musty, mildewy smelling clothes activate and bother people’s allergies. We want the swap to be a fun place for all, so PLEASE WASH YOUR CLOTHES BEFORE BRINGING THEM.

4.) Hardly used or new undergarments are allowed at the exchange, but they must be placed in a plastic bag and put in the pile of accessories, not the pile of clothing. This ensures that no one accidentally has to handle someone’s underwear while swapping in the pile.

To reserve your space at this swap (due to space limitations) you need to contact swap hostess Jennifer at jenmatsumura@gmail.com


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