Bring an extra bag to Saturday Sept 10th medium swap

Since my daughter/swap partner is now officially off to college, I need a little help from you.

If any of you would be willing to show up a little early (ie around 1:40pm) to hang out and be on the lookout for any newbies that need some help, that would be great. Sometimes first time swappers like to know where the bathroom is, or where to put out their accessories, or want to know the protocol of a swap (keep your clothes in bags until it’s time to start. Try things on and keep what you want, throw things you don’t want back into the piles. Be kind and courteous. If you see that someone has less than you and you both want the same thing, allow the person with less to have first dibs on it. Only bring clothing in size 6-12, only bring clothes that are clean and in wearable condition, etc.) You can tell the newbies because they have the shell-shocked awed look on their faces, and tend to look a little lost:) I usually ask people with that look if they’ve been there before, and if it’s there first time I answer any questions they might have. Also, if you see someone taking things before the swap starts, you can gently say something like “oh, this must be your first swap. We wait until everyone is here and the swap coordinator says to swap before we take things”.

Also, I’m looking for a few people to stay after to help me bag things up. Jackee from the PTA clothing closet will be here about 3:15pm. So if the remainders can start being bagged up starting around 3:00pm that would be great. If anyone has extra paper bag(s) or garbage size plastic bags laying around that are clean that you can donate for the remainders, that would be great:)

September 10th at 2pm we’ll also have a pile for back-to-school kids clothes (including teen boy clothes) that we women can look through for our family/friends/schools. I’m bringing a bag of stuff that my teen son has outgrown, along with several bags of cute clothes, shoes, and boots that my college daughter is ready to pass along (including several pairs of black leather boots!) All remainders are going to the PTA clothing closet, so thanks for making sure the clothes you bring have been washed and are in good wearable shape.

Thanks ladies! You make swapping fun!


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