Back-to-school swap August 29th/30th

Phil, a long time swapper, sent this link about a back-to-school swap in SE Portland. As a heads-up, if you drop off your swap stuff the day before, they’ll give you a free entry ticket to the swap. If you show up at the start time of the swap with your stuff, there is a $2 admission charge.

Here’s a a few of the details:
1) If you are not sure you can make it the day of the event but have items to share: drop off your donations labeled “Back-To-School Exchange” under the Sunnyside Swap Shop Co-op sign at the top of steps on the Yamhill the week before the event.

2) Drop off items 6-8pm on Monday, August 29th or 8-noon on Tuesday, August 30th and receive ticket to get into the event for free.

3) Come in 10-noon to help sort and display item for a great first peek at what’s for swap.

4) Come in noon-7 for the exchange with your swap items in hand and donate $2 per family for admission.

For detailed information on the Sunnyside Swap Shop event, go to


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