30 pairs of shoes! and your opinion on school clothes.

GREAT swap today! One woman alone brought 30 pairs of shoes! Another brought 8 bags of clothes! And that doesn’t count the rest of the stuff everyone else brought. Lots of stuff barely worn and in great shape. I think women are getting tired of hauling around stuff we just don’t need or use, which I think is a very good sign of us getting to a healthier place. One young woman said that she was getting rid of everything that wouldn’t fit into her car. She is going to travel around America in pursuit of rock climbing. Maybe when/if she comes back to the Portland area after her adventure, she’ll come to a swap and replentish what she needs?

I need your opinion here: Do you think in September we should do a ‘back to school’ clothes area, where people can bring school age clothes? I believe I’ve got the PTA clothing closet on the docket for pick up that swap date, but I’ll double check, and if enough women like the idea we can do it – let me know.

I’m thinking October’s swap should include Halloween costumey type stuff in the accessories area, so be setting aside anything that might be considered costumey. One lady today said she’s got a multi-colored wig she didn’t think would be appropriate to bring to a regular swap…but it would be perfect for the swap before Halloween:)

Since swappers have voted that they’d rather have one big swap in the gym instead of two tiny separate swaps in the narthex, we’ll be meeting in the gym in November.

December is the ever popular “Holiday Gift and Toy Swap” open to all kind men, women, and teens. Be setting aside giftable items now so you’ve got a box ready of goodies for early December… then get your ‘holiday shopping’ done for free! I’ll have a reserve (RSVP) list for this swap, so be on the lookout in November for instructions/entry/rules.

Thanks again to all the swappers who came today, who brought extra bags for the swap remainders, who helped others set out accessories before the swap, who helped bag up after the swap, and who were just a heck of a lot of fun visiting with today!


2 responses to “30 pairs of shoes! and your opinion on school clothes.

  1. how do you find these swaps, craigslist?? i can never find anything cool like this.

    -Bianca at http://theinbetweengirls.wordpress.com/

    • You start them yourself -check out the site to find out how. I bet you could have a lot of fun not only hosting swaps, but blogging about them. You (or a group of your friends) could do a swap for whatever size range you want so that everything is in a size YOU want to swap in. Or you can do an all size swap so that more of your friends of various sizes can attend. If you decide to start a free swap let me know and I’ll post your swap under my Other Swaps link, ‘examples of free swaps around the world’.

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