TONS of clothes at Tomorrow’s medium swap!

I just got an email from a lady who is moving, and has a LOT of clothes to give away. She had a swap with friends and ended up with even more stuff. She’s bringing 8 trash bags of clothes and one of shoes, and says it’s all pretty nice clothing, but she doesn’t want to overwhelm our volunteers in case a lot is left over. She asked if it was OK to bring this much.

I told her to bring it all! Which of course means, I am asking swappers to please come and take it home with you! Remainders after Saturday August 13th’s swap are going to a gleaners group made up of working families who just need a little help to get over this economic hump. So I told her that whatever isn’t taken by swappers will go to good homes.

Since all remainders are immediately donated, I ask that everything you bring to swaps be clean and in wearable condition. If you’ve got a few things that are ripped, badly stained, have a broken zipper, etc, please do not bring them to a free swap. However, you CAN offer them for free on and there usually are people who will come pick up damaged clothing for free.

But let’s keep the free swap clothing and items only to those things that are clean and in wearable condition so that we ladies can have fun – and those who receive the remainders can enjoy themselves as well.

Also, if you could bring an extra sturdy paper or sturdy large plastic sack for me to load remainders in after the swap, that would be GREAT:) The swap begins at 2pm, and I’ll start bagging up swap remainders around 3:15pm. Any willing hands to help me bag up remainders would be welcome:)

Here’s more information about tomorrow’s medium clothing swap (August 13th 2011)


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