0-5 swap has been saved!

The People’s Food Co-op women’s 0-5 swap has been saved! Rae and Cherany were needing to move on, and so it was announced to the swap lists that they were looking for someone to take over their established swap. Well, swapper Jennifer Matsumura has stepped forward to fill the slot. Jennifer says:

” I just met with Cherany, and am officially hosting the 0-5 swap at the People’s Coop on the 3rd Friday of each month. She showed me the basics of sending the email blast from the webs.com website for the swap, so I just sent one out. However, we couldn’t figure out how to officially make me the “administrator” on the website, so for now, I’m logging in as Cherany, but if anyone replies to the email blast, their message will go to Rae…who usually forwards messages to Cherany…so it may take a little while before I can manage the emails very effectively! At any rate, I will send out the monthly email blasts, host the swaps, and donate the clothes afterwards. Beyond that, I probably won’t be able to do much unless I were to completely change the web hosting service, which I probably won’t because I don’t know anything about web hosting and all that stuff.”

My suggestion is, you want to get ahold of Jennifer directly, contact her at her email, which is jenmatsumura@gmail.com.

Again, thanks to Jennifer Matsumura for stepping up to the plate and keeping the 0-5 swap at People’s Food Co-op going. If you’d like to help Jennifer, let her know.

Since all swaps are run totally by volunteers out of the goodness of their hearts (and the thrill of the chase:), we literally couldn’t do it without you:)


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