How to Start a Free Swap!

One of my ‘dreams’ is that free swaps take off and are available through volunteers all over the world. It takes basically 3 main things to run a free swap:
1. a venue that will allow you to swap for free (churches, community centers, libraries, and even some businesses will give you a room as a community service).
2. someone to pick up the remainders after a swap and give them away for free (we figure since WE all get the thrill of the chase for free, it’s only fair to allow others to not have to pay either. Organizations that have picked up have been the PTA clothing closet, Gleaners organizations, women’s shelters, church clothing closets, food pantrys, and even other swappers who take home some of the stuff and put it on a ‘free’ table in front of their homes).
3. someone or a group to host the swap. This person/people decide what exactly THEY would like to swap – anything from a certain size range of clothing, to household items, to plants and tools, to giftables. Then, they tell their friends on facebook, post on craigs list, and tell me and I post on my site under ‘other swaps’. It’s free, it’s fun, its frugal fashion, and it’s helping the environment by keeping usable items out of landfills.
If people outside of the Portland Oregon area start swaps, I would even be willing to divide the Other Swaps into catagories by state. Anyone willing to accept the challenge? 🙂
For detailed info about how to start a swap, check out


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