May 28 Accessories swap cancelled

This just in from the

Due to a personal emergency the may swap is being canceled at the last minute, with many apologies. This was to be the last swap (hosted by Renee at this location), so unfortunately I am unable to host future swaps, but will certainly see some of you around town at other swaps!

If you want to email Renee concerning this, her address is


One response to “May 28 Accessories swap cancelled

  1. Having not seen this notice, my daughter and I, plus one went to swap. Although Renee was not there, the staff led us into the larger room and we swapped with about 5 other ladies. So maybe 8 of us altogether. Sadly, the staff knew nothing of the free slice coupon.

    I hope Renee tries this swap again. Two of the ladies I met today did see the swap on the swap positive site. Maybe we can get her post on other sites as well like Around the Sun, Urbanmamas or Portland on the Cheap.

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