Saturday May 28th Accessory swap!

By popular request- an accessory swap. If it fits into this category BRING IT!!! Whether male or female, come one come all!
Think: shoes, purses, scarves, ties, cuff links, jewelry, hair decorations, hats, YOU KNOW, ACCESSORIES!

Held Saturday May 28th from 11am to noon. You will get a food ticket good for a free slice of pizza at The Mississippi Pub- where the event will be held in the music room- 3552 N. Mississippi Ave.

Comment/questions? email Renee at

Also check out Renee’s re-use-o-rama blog at


4 responses to “Saturday May 28th Accessory swap!

  1. Even though the swap was cancelled, several women showed up anyway and had a little mini-accessories swap! So just wanted you ladies to know, being a swap hostess can be really simple – just show up and swap:) If anyone is interested in continueing this accessories swap (since as I understand it Renee is taking a little break) you might want to contact Renee and see if you can keep things going for her:)

  2. This is canceled! Saw via the re-use-o-rama blog.


  3. I’ve cross posted this on some of my other favorite sites. Maybe we’ll get a good turn out.

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