What to bring to a Spring Stuff Swap?

What to bring to a Spring Stuff Swap? Basically anything clean, in working condition, that will fit in the backseat or trunk of a car.  Think of it as an upscale garage sale – but free!  I’ve been finding last minute books, kids toys, electronic items, household items, canning jars, towels and more that I’ve added to the boxes I’m bringing to tomorrow’s swap.  It feels good to clean out what I don’t use anymore.

So if I were going to post a list of what to bring, it would look something like this:

Kitchen dishes, silverware, and glassware that are clean and unbroken (they can be mismatched). Towels, sheets, bed or couch pillows (no mattresses, dog beds,  or anything that takes 2 people to lift).  Toys, games, computer games, movies, and other family entertainments (leave the playboys at home please).  Books, music CD’s, DVD’s, vinyl, and cassettes (No 8-tracks).  Other household items and small appliances such as working blenders, clean toasters, small desk lamps.  Holiday decorations are always fun:)  Fabric and crafts for the quilters, seamstresses, and scrap bookers to share.  Jewelry, breakables, glassware, collectables.  Gardening, tools, technology, working cameras, working computers (all tools and gardening things need to be free of dirt and grease since the swaps are done on a carpeted floor).  Then we’ll have a row at the swap marked “Misc. Other Stuff”.  This is the aisle where you put anything that doesn’t fit in any other place.

We have 142 people  registered so far:)  If you ‘ve already emailed me- we’ll see you Tomorrow at the Stuff Swap!  If you haven’t emailed, today is the last day to reserve your space – details are here:    https://swappositive.wordpress.com/the-next-swap/


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