April Spring Stuff Swap!

Come to the SPRING STUFF SWAP Saturday April 2nd at 2pm…a perfect celebration of spring cleaning, thrift and recycling!   Clean out your house, garage, and shed of all the STUFF you no longer need want or love, wash it up, make sure all the parts are there and everything is in working order, and bring it to the Spring Stuff Swap!  All kind and courteous women, men, and teens are invited.  Please leave babies, toddlers and grade school children at home – this might be overwhelming to them, and we want everyone to have fun.

Where: Presbyterian Church of Laurelhurst  (in the gym) 935 N.E. 33rd Avenue.  Portland OR 97232    503-232-9129

Directions: two blocks south of Sandy Blvd on 33rd, at Pacific Street, in a small modern red brick building. There is a parking lot behind the church.  Enter through the gym, which is across from the small playground.  If the parking lot is full, you can park on the street.  We are expecting at least 100 people, so car-pooling is encouraged.

When: Saturday April 2nd, 2pm (arrive between 1:30 and 1:50 to get a parking spot, and set your stuff out before the swap begins.)

Since all items will be placed on the floor and our venue has carpet, all items need to be free of dirt, grease, spider webs, etc.  Since we are volunteers and don’t have money to pay for a dumpster, all items must be something others would want – no junk.  Items must be small enough to fit in the backseat of a car (no large furniture, but a clean bike or bedside stand would probably be O.K.).  No poisens, paints or hazardous materials.  Remainders will be donated to organizations that will give them away for free.  Think of it as a FREE upscale garage sale:)


__You come in and put your stuff in rows on the gym floor.  We’ll have signs on the floor in rows that say: toys & games, music & books (including movies, CD’s, DVD’s), holiday & household, garden and tools, fabric & crafts, Misc. Other Stuff, breakables & collectables.  You get to decide what row/category your stuff goes under.  If the row is full, just put your stuff in another row close by.  Also, please don’t bring clothes –  if we bring our usual huge bags of clothes, there won’t be room for anything else!

___After you’ve unloaded your stuff, stand against the wall and visit while you wait for the swap to start.  Please don’t wander around in the middle – there will be a LOT of people needing that space to put their stuff out, and the quicker they can, the quicker we can start the swap.

___NO PRE-SWAPPING.  Experienced swappers know this, but for the newbies – No picking up stuff or scooting it into your bag/box beforehand!   We want this to be fair for everyone.  At 2pm or thereabouts, the swap coordinator will welcome everyone with a megaphone, and shortly thereafter will say “Go”.  Be kind and courteous- don’t be a hog- and allow people who are older or more cautious to have a chance. This way everyone  – no matter what their speed – will get a fair shake at the good stuff:).

___Stuff in the middle of the gym floor in rows is free for the taking.  Stuff in boxes/bags/sacks next to the wall belongs to someone.

___I’m posting this on my yahoogroups site, the wordpress site, and sending it out to the other 13 swap coordinators so they can tell their women.  We usually have about 100-125 people show up to the Spring Stuff Swap.  The economy isn’t all that great right now.  So…doing the math, this could be a HUGE stuff swap!!!  So it’s important that everyone is patient and kind, only bring good stuff, and that we don’t bring clothes because they fill up space fast (plus we can all go to our OWN size swaps for clothes…lets keep the stuff swap for stuff).

__ Bring your own boxes/bags to cart your new stuff home in. Some women bring rolling suitcases.

__The remainders will be donated to organizations that will give them away for free. Angela will be taking a van full to various Food Pantries around town.  If you have an organization that could use some extra household stuff, please let me know you will also take a load, since like the Bible Story of loaves and fishes we often times have an abundance of remainders.


To reserve your place at the Spring Stuff Swap, email urbanfarmerpdx1@yahoo.com  with your FULL name and the number of people in your party in the subject box by the deadline of April 1st.  Your name and email address will be your ‘entry ticket’ as well as agreement that you and your guests understand and will abide by the following free swap rules:

1.  No pre-swapping, gathering piles, or taking stuff before we officially start.

2.  Only kind and considerate women, men, and teens. No small children (it could be too overwhelming and the gym is not childproofed).

3.  All items brought must be clean, complete, and in working order.  No broken or missing peices.  Nothing greasy or dirty.  No volatile or toxic chemicals paints or products.

4.  No resellers/ebay/etc.  The mission behind free swaps is “free stuff forever”, so if you get something home and decide you don’t want it, we ask that you give it away.  We can ALL be philanthropists!

Combine spring cleaning, recycling, and fun – It’s an upscale FREE garage sale!   Your outgrown stuff will be loved by someone else, your house will be less cluttered, you’ll find new-to-you items you CAN use…plus, you’ll be helping positive organizations in our community!   Think of the saving$, recycling, and good karma flowing around:)  See you at the Spring Stuff Swap!


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