You ladies make it all worthwhile

Great time last night at the 6-12 medium swap at the PCL church.
The KATU TV filming team was kind and worked out a deal for those who didn’t want to be on camera.  They got B-roll video of the women coming in, visiting, and me explaining what would happen during the swap.  Then they got video of us all laying out our clothes and picking out things we liked and all the excitement and exclaimations that go with that.  They got to watch us ‘play’.  Then the men and cameras went into another room, and we ladies tried things on.  When women found an outfit they liked, they’d go show it off and talk about it and what they like about swaps to the camera men in the other room.  I’m looking forward to seeing the finished segment on swaps. Bryon said it would air on KATU April 16th, and our segment on swaps/recycling would be about 5 minutes long.  They are also filming five minute segments on solar power, recycling computers and old TV’s, on gardening through the winter, and more, to create a half hour program.  I’ve asked if I can post a link of the show/or our segment on this blog, and they said they could get that to me upon completion:)
As for various women’s ‘score’, I’ll speak for my 17 year old daughter.  She picked up some fancy high heel shoes with satin ties with the Frederick’s of Hollywood brand.  Not sure where she’s going to wear them, but what a fun girly find:)  She also found a gorgeous fitted shiny blue patterned classic jackie O type shift, a rainbow colored clown wig (?!) , a T-shirt with photos of guitars all over it, an animal print flowy top, some nine west high heels loafers (a very interesting look), and an aqua flowing springy long sleeve shirt with ruffles.  I found a silk and cashmere long sleeve wrap in a pink color that I just LOVE.  I’ve seen these in the Victoria Secret’s catalog for like $80…and I got it for free:)  Since I was busy with the KATU crew and visiting with ladies, I didn’t really look all that hard for me at this swap, but I feel that I totally scored with the silk and cashmere.
Angela and her daughter got to the swap about 15 minutes late, but both still found lots of treasures for themselves, plus helped me bag up the remainders.  Angela will deliver these remainders to various food pantries around Portland.  Since she volunteers there regularly, she knows which ones are in need of clothes at this time.  Angela will also be picking up the remainders after our Spring Stuff Swap Saturday April 2nd.  Thank goodness for volunteers who step forward to pass the blessings along to others.  I also wanted to thank the kind ladies who helped set out chairs before the swap, and those who volunteered to put away chairs after the swap.  One of the many things I love about these swaps – they work, because we all work together on them:)
Even though Free Swaps is a story about recycling, saving money, and making a positive difference in our community… possibly the underlying  story is that by doing good for the earth and others,  women are doing something enriching for themselves as well – making friends, and having fun dressing up:)  I’m so grateful that you ladies are part of this positive, free-based entertainment.

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