swap for women size 0-7

Sunday March 6th, women’s size 0-7 will be swapping clothes and accessories at the Blue Sky Wellness Studio in North Portland. Contact Bridgit at blueskywellnessstudio@gmail.com if you ‘d like to be one of those women.

For all the details about the next medium size 6-12 swap in NE Portland, go to the top of this page and click  THE NEXT (NE PDX MEDIUM) SWAP!


2 responses to “swap for women size 0-7

  1. I kind of stopped coming because the clothes had started to become unappealing. Out of shape, blah and out of style seemed to be the predominate. I am one of the originals and I know what amazing things can be found at the swap. I don’t want to waste my time on homemade experiments and 80’s rejects.

    • Could be that particular day women were getting rid of their 80’s clothes?:) You never know when you go to a swap what that particular group of women on that particular day will bring. If you’re looking for a particular style you’re right – you’d probably be better off going to a store that specializes in the look you seek. But for those interested in the thrill of the chase, swaps are a free option:)

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