The size 10-14 swap was a blast!

Biked to Amy Alice’s size 10-14 swap today.  Got there late ’cause I had a flat tire, but getting to a swap late doesn’t neccesarily mean you miss out.   At swaps, women try things on, but if they don’t work for them they throw them back into the piles/rows.  So even if you get there a few minutes late and throw your goods in the pile, you still get to look at what’s there, plus look through what’s been thrown back.

My score today:  A green t-shirt with a cow on it, black pinstripe blazer, gray cashmere sweater, black and white patterned no-waist pants, gray sweatpants, white jeans, 2 pairs of earrings, and a red floor length strapless prom dress to see if it will fit my daughter.

Amy Alice has her size 10-14 women’s clothing swap about every 3 months.  If you’d like to get on her mailing list, Email  for more information.


2 responses to “The size 10-14 swap was a blast!

  1. The Spring Stuff Swap is scheduled for Saturday April 2nd, 2pm at the PCL gym. At this time I don’t have anyone scheduled to pick up the remainders. If you know of a non-profit, free store, or community group that would pick up the remainders and give them away for free, let me know. I kinda like to have all my ducks in a row before I post…just in case I need to change them. But April 2nd is the date I’m shooting for (and the date the venue has available).

  2. SO glad YOU were there! I found some REALLY wonderful treasures!

    Now ~ when is your stuff swap happening ~ I want to make sure it is ON the calendar, and I will let “my gals” know about it, too!

    thanks a bunch, for ALL that you do!

    – amy alice –

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