I just added this as #19 under “Frequently Asked Questions”:


The idea for PDXSWAP came from our great leader, Rae, who started the first size 0-5 petite swap at the Peoples Food Co-op in SE Portland (which is still going on!).  She would hand out business cards to petite women whenever she saw them, her enthusiasm for making a positive difference contagious.  Rae asked her professional webdesigner friend, Angie, to create a professional website, which they dubbed PDXSwap.com.  From there various other women who wanted to swap but were not a size 0-5, started swaps in their own sizes, and in their own areas of town.  These swaps and the volunteer hostesses that manned them, were listed at PDXswap.com .   Rae was so excited about this free community that she wanted to expand from swapping just clothes to sharing all things free, so her interests lead her to create a new site   http://www.freeportland.webs.com/

Rae has been putting her time and effort into her freeportland site. Angie, her professional web designer volunteer friend, has a full life and hasn’t had the time to update the PDXswap site.  She moved the name over to a  free wordpress site, but hasn’t had the time to move the rest of the content over.  I’ve been checking the site, and when the content is moved over and the site is usable and accurate I’ll let you know.  But until then…we needed a simple and easily accessible place where we could still get accurate and updated swap information. And since PDXSwap is already in use, that’s where Swap Positive came from:)  I’m not a professional designer, and this site will never be as all-inclusive as PDXSwap, so I hope PDXSwap one day drums back to life for all of us.  But until then, we can gather and discuss our swaps  here:)

Another option would be for me to look over Rae’s freeportland site and see how to put information there, or at least link this site to hers.  It’s a thought.


  1. I went to Pdxswap.com on 02/28/11, and at the top of the page it reads: “NOTICE: This domain name expired on 02/21/2011 and is pending renewal or deletion.”

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