FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Just added a Frequently Asked Questions page to the drop down menu of About Swaps at the top of the page.  Just put your curser over the words “About Swaps” and you’ll see a menu that lists Frequently Asked Questions  and What To Expect.  I may add more housekeeping and ‘newby’ things to this drop down menu as I think of them.  I’m trying to keep the site clean and easily readable, as well as include important information…while not cluttering the main page.


4 responses to “FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. If a woman wants to post a picture of something she got at a swap, here’s a round-about way to possibly do that. Go to http://www.over40fashions.com and check out the Be A Model page. Send in your information if you fit the criteria. I’ll post you on that site and have a link from this site:)

  2. I found the information on what it takes to include a membership option for wordpress blogs. 35 or more members and it becomes a monthly fee. Since am a volunteer, I think I’ll have to keep it non-membership for the time being (unless someone wants to in the future underwrite the cost should we want to switch to a members-only site:).

  3. Barb,

    Great. I think if you want other people to have the ability to post pictures, they have to be members somehow. We did something like this at work – not sure how it was set up. All of us were able to add posts.


    • Christine,
      It may be awhile but I’ll stumble around on the wordpress info and see what I can find out about photos. I kinda wanted to avoid any membership type of stuff because then I’d probably have to manage it. And I’m trying to get away from the extra work. But I’ll see what I can find out – thanks for the tip.

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