welcome to NE Portland Swaps!

Now you can find out about monthly NE Portland medium size 6-12 womens clothing swaps, stuff swaps, and gift swaps easily online!  Also learn how swaps work and what to expect at a swap.  If you are not women’s size 6-12, go to Other Swaps to find a swap in your size.


3 responses to “welcome to NE Portland Swaps!

  1. Barb,

    I like this even better. Now I can get the information whenever I want it. You did a great job! I am having so much fun with my clothes and just fun coming to the swaps. I was one of the early people that started coming when the group was just getting started. It’s cool to see how much it has grown. Thanks again . See you at the next swap.

  2. Thanks Carly, both for the kind content of your comment, as well as allowing me to see that the comment box is working:)

  3. Great! It’s nice to have this resource.

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