Babies/Kids/Maternity Clothing and Small Toys Swap, Tigard, April 20th

Clean out Kids clothes in good condition that your kids no longer wear. Hunt down the small toys and accessories that are causing clutter around your house. Wash them up, and bring them to the kids/teens/maternity/toy swap at Colossae Church  12244 SW Garden Place.  This is a big space with plenty of room for adults and teens – please leave children at home with a trusted sitter.

When: MONDAY APRIL 20th at 7:25pm

Where:  Colossae Church, 12244 SW Garden Place, (by 217/99/Hall), Tigard.   NOTE: This swap location is only partially child proofed so please leave children at home.

Not only will you de-clutter your stuff, you’ll find ‘new’ things you can use and your kids will love!  It’s a great way to clean house, recycle, and practice sustainability…and it’s free!  Kids Clothing and Toys Swap takes place 7:25pm-8pm. Continue reading

Women and Teens All Size Clothing Swap, Tigard, April 20th

Women’s and Teens All Size Clothing Swap in Tigard!  No need to RSVP – just show up – there’s plenty of room for kind helpful people! (This venue is handicapped accessible!) It’s time to exchange your no-longer-needed women’s and teens clothes!  This location is not fully childproofed, so please leave children safely at home with a sitter.

When: Monday April 20th at 7pm

Time:    7pm – 7:25pm

Where: Colossae Church, located in Park 217, you’ll see a blue sign out front that says ”Colossae”.   Address is 12244 SW Garden Place, Tigard, OR.

(If you’ve got Continue reading

Women’s size 10-14 Clothing Swap, Central East side, April 19th

It’s time for you to think about all of those clothes and accessories in your closet that you don’t wear, that don’t fit, that you no longer use or want, and that NEED a new life and someone else to wear and enjoy them!

Clean out your closets, storage, and accessories drawers, and wash up all of those items in good condition that you don’t want/wear anymore.  Bring everything wearable to this swap.

WHO:  Women and teens who wear clothes sizes 10-14

Feel free to bring your pals! and please e-mail me at so I may send them information and keep them in the loop!

WHEN: Sunday, April 19th, at 1:30 PM
Our timing for swaps has changed due to changes in the Jazzercise class schedule.  The class will finish at 1:00, so feel free to come anytime after 1:00 to set out your clothes.

We will Continue reading

Women’s XS/Small Clothing Swap, SE Portland, April 17th

Clean out your closet! Gather all the clothes in good condition that you don’t wear or want: Include accessories like shoes, hats, belts, purses, jewelry, etc. (but please: no used make-up or undergarments). Our next women/teen size XS/Small swap at People’s Co-op will be Friday, April 17th at  7pm. Please limit to good quality – no rips or stains, including grease. If you have larger sizes or kids sizes, please take them to the correct swap for those sizes.  Continue reading

Craft Supplies Swap, NE PDX, April 30th

We’ve just been notified about a Free craft supplies swap this month!

Where: Art a la Carte (Art a la Carte has moved to 2106 NE MLK Blvd.)

When: Thursday April 30th. Please bring your things to lay them out at 7pm so you can look around and see what other people brought- swapping begins at 7:30pm.  Please RSVP to Megan McCoy  to reserve a space in the swap.

What is it?: Bring any art or craft supplies you no longer need.  We will lay out all the items and when the swap coordinator says “Go,” everyone may take what they will use.  It’s all free, no money changes hands.

Who: Kind adults and teens.  Please leave younger children at home, but feel free to pick up craft items for them Continue reading

Spring Stuff Swap, NE PDX, April 11th

Kind and courteous women, men, and teens are invited!  Combine spring cleaning and free frugal fun!  Your in-good-condition stuff will be loved by someone else, your home will be less cluttered, you’ll find new-to-you items you CAN use…plus, all remainders will be given away to others in the community!   Think of the saving$, recycling, philanthropy, and good karma flowing around:) If you’ve never been to a gift swap or stuff swap, see one in action here.

Due to space constraints and so everyone has fun, You must read and  Reserve Your Spot at this swap! (details on reserving spot below)

Please leave babies, toddlers and grade school children safely at home with a sitter.

When: Saturday April 11th, 2015 2pm (arrive between 1:30 and 1:50 to get a parking spot, and to set your stuff out before the swap Continue reading

UPDATE Women’s swap at Adapt Training postponed until May

UPDATE Due to Easter, the Women’s All Size Clothing Swap at the Beaverton Adapt Training location April 5th swap is cancelled.

The next swap at this location will be May 3rd (05/03/15) For further details contact Kirsten at  or check the facebook page.