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Kids Clothing and Costume Swap, Tigard, October 20th

Monday swap out things your kids no longer need/use/love, and get a fresh new stash of fall goodies! Bring your kids clothes, accessories, small toys, costumes, even maternity items – this is a swap for adults only, so bring the kids ITEMS, but leave the kids safely at home with a sitter, please.   See all the Kids Swap details here.

And while you’re at this venue, also enjoy the Women’s All Size clothing Swap right before the kids swap!  This is at a larger venue, so there’s room for everyone! See details on the Women’s Swap Here.

Women’s All Size Clothing and Costume Swap, Tigard, October 19th

If you prefer a comfy, home venue…where you bring pot luck snack food/drinks to enjoy your swapping in a relaxed cozy atmosphere… then this is the swap for you! A Women’s All Size Clothing and Costume Swap is this Sunday in Tigard!  For all the Details, click here.

Women’s Size 6-12 Clothing and Costume Swap, NE Portland, October 18th

Check your closet, drawers and storage, wash clothes and other wearables you no longer love/wear/need (including cleaning up jewelry, purses, shoes, and other accessories) and bring them to the women’s medium size 6-12 clothing swap!  This is a swap for women and teens who wear women’s sizes 6-12 only.   No children please.

Bring Halloween costumes and decorations to the October PCL swap! Clear out the costumes you and your family no longer wear/no longer fit, and ‘scare’ up some new-to-you ideas!  Please put all costumes and decorations in the accessories area next to the wall with the shoes etc.  Swapper Angela has agreed to take all the Halloween costumes/decoration remainders and re-home them to Continue reading

Women’s Small Clothing Swap, SE Portland, October 17th

Happy to be seeing you ladies October 17th at 7pm!  As Swap Hostess, I’ve decided to update this swap from petite to also include small size clothing! Please read this before coming if you are new or have been gone for some time.  You can bring Halloween costumes to this October swap!

Focus is now approx sizes 2-6, give or a take a couple~few sizes. Please use common sense & integrity in bringing a reasonable amount of clothes to swap in comparison with how much you take, & limit to good quality – no rips or stains, including grease. If you have larger sizes or kids sizes, please take them to the correct swap for those sizes.  If you have clothes missing zippers or raggy items please offer them on

**If you bring stuff, costumes, etc. to swap please understand you are responsible for making sure & taking it back if it’s not taken – we only have donation for women’s clothing.
Please bring 2 times the number of empty bags as you have full of clothes for the remainders! I provide the structure & bring the leftovers down the street, & ask gals to help me bag & bring stuff down to my car so I can do that easily. Thanks for helping to make your swap community a reality, and remember by participating in free swaps you agree to not sell anything you get for free at a free swap, but can give it away or bring it back to the next swap if you decide it’s not quite ‘you’.  Good karma continues as we’re all philanthropists making a positive difference for ourselves and others!

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Craft Supplies Swap, NE Portland, October 12th

The quarterly Crafts Supplies Swap is this Sunday, October 12!  Gather up all the crafting goodies you’re not using and exchange for ones you can turn into holiday crafts and gifts!

Here’s all the details

Pop-Up Store looking for Swap Remainders to Give to Homeless

Kelsey Painter is doing a FREE street store and potluck in the park October 25th, and has asked our swap coordinators for remainders to be the ‘goodies’ people can shop for. Wanted to alert our free swap community so if you know of other goodies (garage sale leftovers in good shape?  Your mom/dad/uncle/grandma cleaning out clothing in good condition?)  you can contribute as well.  She’ll even pick your items up for you!!!  Just make sure they are clean and in great condition, as Continue reading

Women’s and Teens All Size Clothing Swap, Tigard, October 20th

Women’s and Teens All Size Clothing Swap, at Colossae Church in Tigard (new address is 12244 SW Garden Place…just a few doors down from the old one).   You can also bring Halloween Costumes this month!  No need to RSVP – just show up – there’s plenty of room for kind helpful people! (This venue is handicapped accessible!) With fall’s new clothing ideas – and Halloween just around the corner- it’s time to exchange your no-longer-needed women’s and teens clothes and costumes!  This location is not fully childproofed, so please leave children safely at home with a sitter.

When: Monday October 20th at 7pm (Always the 3rd Monday of every month

Time:    7pm – 7:25pm

Where: Colossae Church, located in Park 217, you’ll see a blue sign out front that says”Colossae”.   New address is 12244 SW Garden Place, Tigard,OR 97223…just a few doors down from the old address.

You can also enjoy the Kids Toys and Accessories, and Maternity Clothing swap immediately after the Women’s Clothing Swap.  See details here.  No children at either swap, please, as the venue is not childproofed.

1.  We need YOUR help to keep this swap running smoothly.  Please help set up and/or clean up.  We have  Continue reading